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Marketing that clicks and converts like crazy. 


... but we've got to fix your marketing disconnects first.  

Most companies make the same marketing mistakes and waste millions. 

Evan Singer, Human Speek Founder

Save Money

Most consultants and agencies expect you to spend $$$ to make more $$$. Not everyone has this luxury. Luckily, fixing little marketing disconnects can skyrocket sales without increasing your spend. The best marketing can actually be free. It's in your UX. It's in your confirmation e-mails. It's your customer service. Fix your disconnects. Save money. Grow. It's that simple. 




Grow During Uncertain Times

A disconnect in your communications will always hold you back regardless of how the economy is doing. Potential buyers will drop off before buying. Everything you do will be ignored. Once you fix your disconnects, you will grow like crazy -- even in uncertain times. 



Fix More Than Your Marketing 

Marketing can be in so much more than your ads, and that goes for your disconnects too. They're in everything. Your products, your website, your e-mails, your signage, you name it. If a customer sees it, it can impact their willingness to buy and therefore we want to make it better. This means we will end up fixing a lot more than just your marketing giving you a lot more bang for your buck while we take your biz to the next level. Sounds like a win-win to me!

How it works

1. Get FREE Marketing Checkup


2. Fix Disconnects

3. Make $$$

We don't just care about marketing. 

We care about helping people. 

We've helped...

  • Millions of sports fans 

  • Millions of app users

  • Millions of retail goers 

  • Thousands of podcast listeners

  • Hundreds of employees

  • And counting...


We've worked with...

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More happy customers...


Founder and Creative Director, NYCA


Evan at Human Speek is a combination of think tank and octopus. He strategizes with vision and practicality and has more ways to get things done than a crowd.”


Global Marketing Director, ettitude


"Evan at Human Speek is the swiss army knife that founders dream of. A natural creative. A knack for uncovering human insights and distilling complexity into a simple, actionable plan.”


Founder and CEO, Hundo Exchange


"Evan at Human Speek is one of a kind. He uses marketing to transform product. Yeah -- I didn't get how that was possible at first either! He helps me ruthlessly prioritize. He weighs external trends with internal analytics. I don’t know where I'd be without him!"

We give you multiple ways to win. 

Book now. The client list is filling up fast.



  • Free marketing checkup

  • Find the disconnect(s)

  • Build strategy 

  • Create tactics 

  • Deliver strategic plan 

  • Fix disconnects

  • Get you back on track

  • Make more $$$



  • Free marketing checkup

  • Find the disconnect(s)

  • Build strategy 

  • Create tactics

  • Execution assistance as needed

  • Weekly check-in calls

  • Contribute to team brainstorms

  • Organize cross-functional meetings

  • Project management support

  • Market research support

  • Guide agency and/or external vendors as needed

  • Fix disconnects

  • Get you to the next level

  • Make much more $$$



  • Free marketing checkup

  • Find the disconnect(s)

  • Build strategy 

  • Create tactics

  • Execution assistance as needed

  • Weekly check-in calls

  • Contribute to team brainstorms

  • Organize cross-functional meetings

  • Project management support

  • Market research support

  • Guide agency and/or external vendors as needed

  • Fix disconnects

  • One-on-one coaching including:

    • Leadership 

    • Management

    • Mindset

    • Stress management

    • Employee engagement and culture

    • Productivity and process coaching

  • Virtual corporate trainings

  • Get you to the highest level

  • Make the most $$$

We add marketing in places

you never knew you needed. 


You don't always have to spend money to make money. 

The world is filled with a lot of uncertainty right now. It's unclear what to do next. You are expected to do more with less. Less people on your team to support the workload and less money to spend. Don’t fall into the same trap of trying to “wait this thing out”. You can’t get through uncommon times with the same old thinking. 

"But I can’t afford marketing right now."

Many people wrongly associate marketing with its costs. However, in our experience, the most powerful marketing can be free. We use a human, “customer-centric” approach which injects marketing into EVERYTHING. This could mean your customer service. Your confirmation e-mails. Your UX. Your copy. Your website landing page. Your packaging. Your call to actions. We’ll look at all of it and identify the disconnects. Once we fix the disconnect, the sky's the limit. We can even help you cut costs! When did a marketing company ever offer that? What you can’t afford is doing nothing. We’ll help you take action!


What is the marketing disconnect?

If you have marketing disconnects, you bleed money. Plain and simple. A disconnect could be one word on your website that’s not converting. It could be targeting the wrong audience. It could be your app’s first-time user experience not retaining the users you acquire. It could be a million different things. Luckily for you, we know how to find AND fix them. 


How do you fix it?

It totally depends on your situation, but the beauty behind fixing the marketing disconnect is it can be super easy. It can be quick. It’s action-oriented. We get in there and help you make the small tweaks that help you win BIG (yes even during these times). Most agencies and consultants tell you to spend more to fix your problems. We fix the root issue by elevating your existing system. That way, once you begin spending more $$$ on marketing, you're not bleeding money at every little disconnect. You'll make all of it back and more. 


How much does it cost?

Most marketing consultants charge hourly and then take their sweet time solving your problems. Cha-ching (for them)! Project fees and hourly structures are slow. They require unique SOW’s for every task you need. We prefer being your partner in crime. You get an idea? Ping us, and we can start working. This is why we use a monthly fee structure that can be customized based on what you need. Scroll up to see the 3 package options above!


What is EQ powered marketing?

EQ powered marketing is a human-centric, customer-first, channel-agnostic strategy. It uses basic human psychology to your advantage. It uses emotional intelligence to make people not just buy from you, but become an evangelist for what you do. Below are all the potential ways we put EQ marketing to work to help you fix your little disconnects and finally make your marketing and customers click. 


Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Digital Marketing

Product Management

Product Marketing

Sports Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Creative Strategy

Content Marketing

Podcast Production

Video Editing


Agency Management

Project Management

Growth Marketing

Mindset Coaching

Management Training

Stress Management

Culture Consulting

Employee Happiness Training

Kudos to you for doing your due diligence. By now you get it. We can help you in a lot of ways. Now, what are you waiting for?

Download our free guide

and stop making these mistakes.

Smart move! Your PDF is on the way!

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