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Meet Evan Singer. A people first, EQ driven entrepreneur, marketing expert, and stress coach. He built a start-up with no money. He helped grow TaylorMade Golf's market share to an industry record. He built and marketed the fastest-growing fantasy platform on the web at the National Football League. He launched global products at Uber, the fastest-growing company in history. He's built a podcast from nothing to 100,000+ downloads. It's this type of diverse resume that helps Evan see the big picture and create communication that connects and just clicks



At 8 years old, Evan put on his best suit and sat in on his dad's advertising meetings 😂. 


At 17 years old, Evan won an international business competition marketing entrepreneurship to kids. 


At 21 years old, Evan won another national marketing competition but this time for American Honda Motor Company. 


Evan's been training to help your business and teams grow since he was old enough to speek.

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