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Happy customers

Michael Mark

Former CEO / Creative Director at NYCA


"Evan at Human Speek is a combination of think tank and octopus. He strategizes with vision and practicality and has more ways to get things done than a crowd. He’s a total team player: engaging, flexible and earnest. He sweats the details and gets the big picture."


Katy Wells

Owner, Double You Marketing

"What sets Evan at Human Speek apart in many cases is his keen marketing eye - he can impact creative and the message. From a character standpoint, he lights up a room with his positivity and people want to work with him. For these reasons and many more, you should hire Evan. Like today."

Marlee Dippolito

Global Marketing Director, Ettitude


"A natural creative with a knack for uncovering human insights and distilling complex information into an actionable marketing plan, Evan at Human Speek is the swiss army knife that founders dream of. His talents scale beautifully from scrappy startup to established brand because he has killer creative instincts and always puts the customer and your team first."

Daniel S.

Former Director/GM at NFL

"Evan's gift is staying focused on what's best for the customer and ensuring any product he touches is built, marketed, or iterated with this approach."

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