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Invest in your people and the business will follow.

Virtual corporate stress management training that works. 

How our stress management training helped          

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Chris Ballard, Uber GM

“The employees of our generation are often times thrust into high-energy, high-performing, ‘always-on’ cultures. Evan's training helped our team effectively manage daily stress, and it is a must for those leaders focused on putting their people first.”


Brian Hughes, Uber GM

"Evan’s training unlocked a number of insights for me and it allowed my team to create new and meaningful conversations about how stress can inhibit or drive performance. This is the type of investment in teams that goes a long way!"

The workforce today has more disengaged employees than ever before in history.

American businesses lose $300B a year as a direct result of workplace stress.


...and it's getting worse as employees struggle to balance remote work

How it works

Get FREE Stress Check


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Virtual Stress Training 

Watch your teams thrive and perform


Helping people is what we do best. 

So you can lead resilient, more productive teams. 


Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual

Danny Babitz

"Our 100+ person team at Northwestern Mutual was blown away by Evan's stress management training. He armed us with tangible tools to handle any challenge. Every company should invest in this training."


CEO, Stix Golf

Gabe Coyne

"Evan's stress management seminar was the highlight of our team offsite. The team was given the very tools we needed to put in place to create and maintain the culture that we strive for."


We've helped hundreds of employees.

It doesn't matter if it's a tech company, financial services group, or a small business. We tailor our trainings to your teams so you see long term impact. 


We've helped roll out global culture programs. 

In partnership with Arianna Huffington's company Thrive, we helped roll out a new global culture program at Uber. 


We've helped shape and sharpen 100K+ mindsets.

The Par Train podcast uses golf and sports as a tool to make mental performance strides in life.

Our program helps fight stress by focusing on three key areas. 




  • Learn the real definition of stress​

  • Common misconceptions

  • Personalized employee survey results

  • Rooted in science





  • How to work better with others​

  • The power of empathy

  • Vulnerability

  • Experiencing others through your own lens




  • The power of awareness​

  • Using emotions as your guide, not an enemy

  • Choosing learning over fear 

  • Dealing with uncertainty 

You can't afford not to invest in your people's development. 

15+ Years of Stress Management

From an early age, Evan, Human Speek's founder, saw the power of mental health. He lost friends to suicide and drug overdoses. He worked at some of the biggest brands in the world, but many fellow employees were still uninspired and paralyzed by fear and stress. Evan finally realized that very few people and companies were taking action to get the tools necessary to better handle challenging situations. He spent years learning how to use his mind to stay level-headed and resilient regardless of what was happening around him. In 11 years, he saw 16 reorgs, 5 layoffs, toxic cultures, and even launched a company during a pandemic. All things that historically "create" a lot of stress, right? Wrong. Stress can be a choice as long as you learn the tools to manage it. 


Helping Uber in 2017

Evan worked at Uber for 4 years. In 2017, the company culture was at an all-time low. Employees were dealing with sexual harassment investigations, a lawsuit from Google, the CEO stepping down, and so on. Yet, despite the global culture scores being at an all-time low, Evan's team had one of the best culture scores on the entire West Coast. Leadership asked for his help, which led to the development of his corporate stress management training program given to hundreds of Uber employees. 


Global Impact

The training he built was a huge success and eventually scaled to inform a new global culture program at Uber, in partnership with Arianna Huffington's company Thrive. Evan witnesses first hand the power of creating an interactive and fun environment to learn tools that not only help you manage stress at work, but in every part of your life. Evan immediately wanted to share these principles with thousands of other companies who needed help, especially during a global pandemic, working from home, and so many new challenges. 

It's Your Turn

Investing in your people is a business decision. Give Evan an hour and a half, and we guarantee it will lead to a more resilient, happy, and high performing group of individuals who achieve your business goals faster than ever before. 

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